Little Eagles Youth Sports

Holy Family Catholic Schools recognizes the benefits of having your child participate in recreational sports are numerous! From the development of strong muscles and bones to social and emotional benefits, sports are an opportunity to empower young people. Large amounts of research literature find that in addition to improved physical health, playing sports also improves academic performance, higher self-esteem, improved peer relationships and better problem-solving skills. Just to name a few!


That is why Holy Family has created a youth sports initiative to bring additional youth sports programming to Dubuque’s area youth. The ‘Little Eagles’ Youth Sports Program is committed to providing a safe, fun, supportive, developmental and empowering sports experience for Holy Family and Dubuque area youth.


So if these benefits are important to you, if you want to empower your own “Little Eagle’ please consider exploring the opportunities available on sign your kids up for one of our awesome youth sports experiences. We would love the opportunity to have a positive impact on your children’s lives!


Youth Sports Opportunities:

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